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Special K Diet Review

I have been asked by the clients who know that I have tested the Special K diet - does the special K diet work? To be honest, I only managed to do the diet for 5 days. Let’s get real here! The diet is boring!


The diet is ancient! If you are in your early thirties or older, you probably tried the Fibre Diet of the 80’s. The only difference between that diet and the Special K diet plan is that the Special K diet plan will give you a normal meal a day. This diet is impossible to maintain, and as with any fast and fad diet, the pounds will pack back on once you go back to your normal calorie intake.

The next problem with the diet is the cost. Do not kid yourself that this diet is free! Don’t hold back on buying a sensible dieting ebook just to save money! You are eating Special K products all day long! If you compare the price of munching Special K all day, to eating fresh fruit, vegetables and a bit of protein you will find that the Special K diet plan is very expensive and the boxes will fill up your pantry and your desk at work!

Marketing Genius

You have to give the marketers at Special K a pat on the back for this though! With the amount of people who are prepared to do anything to lose weight, their marketing idea of eating and eating and eating their product is a good money making strategy, but it is not good for your pocket.


The physiological effect of this diet is also questionable. The snack bars a
very high in processed sugars as are the cereals. Without going into the medical facts, one fact is very important to note.

Have you ever wondered why you eat a whole box of chocolates once you have just one? Eating sugar makes you crave sugar. You eat one Special K bar, and you’ll want another within half an hour. By the end of the day, you will have eaten a whole box of bars.

Continued below....

As a dietician I am always keeping my eye out for the latest dieting trends and I always follow the diet plans myself to see how my body feels and to analyse the effects nutritional and physiological effects the diet has on me.

I attempted the Special K diet for the stipulated two weeks, and here you will find my Special K diet review.


If you are reading a Special K diet review, then you will already know what the special K diet plan is, because it is very simple.

How does the Special K diet work? Eat Special K, eat more Special K and then snack on Special K! On the Special K diet plan you can eat one normal meal a day, and they advise you to make this meal as full of fruit and vegetables as possible. You can also drink normal beverages.

Does It Work?

If you follow this diet for two weeks, then you will apparently lose a jean size.

Special K Diet


Special K Diet




January 1998





Exercise Plan

But wait, let me rant a moment more! Where is the exercise plan? I would never recommend undertaking any diet plan unless it also includes an exercise regime to compliment it, and I do not mean being told to exercise for 30 minutes a day. You need a full exercise plan to motivate you and to burn off more calories than you are taking in.


My advice to you with the Special K diet Plan and in answering the question does the Special K diet work?
Don’t do it.

Choose a diet which will offer you a full variety of food as a guide, and one which always includes an exercise plan.

There are plenty of diets in bookstores and libraries, or buy one online because they are generally cheaper and you get more. Look for diets which offer a free trial, where you can get started and pay later. Lastly, enjoy your food and enjoy your life

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